Beware of Dog signs
KnobNots were born out of necessity; Visitors to our home who opened the wrong door would be startled by an eruption of friendly, boisterous and noisy Pulik, cords flying everywhere; Unfamiliar with the breed and its unique look, our visitors didn't know if they were being greeted by one dog or ten, an understandably concerning situation.

Equally worrisome was the prospect of our dogs escaping out an open door and getting lost as they explored the world. Just how would one describe a corded dog to the average person on the street if we had to ask, "Have you seen a Puli?"

KnobNots were our personal solution and a better alternative to "Beware of Dog" signs. Seeing them hanging off our door knobs, friends and visitors soon started asking for KnobNots in their own breeds and word spread.  

It's been gratifying to create something that helps keep every pet safe, but because we're all too familiar with the difficulty in finding anything for uncommon dog breeds, we've been especially pleased to create KnobNots for rarer dogs.  New breeds are added regularly and cats and birds have joined the "KnobNots family."  Rabbits and ferrets will soon follow.

KnobNots are hand-made in Littleton, Colorado at the foot of the Rocky Mountains under the watchful eyes of our dogs and rabbits. The images are unique to KnobNots. Their creator is an owner/breeder/handler of Pulik since 1978.

KnobNots have expanded to include signs for new parents. 
The desire to keep soliticors and unwelcomed visitors from ringing a doorbell while a baby is sleeping is universal. BabyKnobNots are the friendly alert that keeps the peace so baby can sleep.

A Puli at rest.  Things only get more complicated when they move, as seen below.
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Beware of Dog signs helps me from having to explain what a Puli looks like: this one is "Bogie"