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  • I just ordered five Westie signs. Thank you so much for making these wonderful signs. these WILL be used ALL THE TIME. We have two cabins up at the lake in Michigan with people opening doors all day - these will be an added security since they'll FORCE people to STOP and THINK before they just swing open a door and leave it open.
                     Liz Armstrong, Columbus, OH

  • My 75 year old mom lives with us and loves her yardwork, but SO many times she's left the gate open and our Cairn and Jack Russell escape. Your bright yellow signs remind her to close the gate and have saved us hours of looking for the dogs.
                   Kay, Wilkes Barre, PA

  • I like your service A maid opened the door without knocking at a hotel and several dogs all ran out at once toward a busy street.The maid was scared of dogs and ran offf screaming.
                   Ron Z., Thailand

  • I ordered one of the Opaque Window Decals to put on my front glass door & it is exactly what I wanted. I have 4 big dogs & it alerts everyone to their presence. It stands out & is very easy to see. It was also very easy to apply & came lightning fast in the mail.
                   Janis Bowen
  • Thank you so much for this wonderful newsletter (KnobNotes). I have two boxers -- one is turning 8 -- and has severe osteoarthritis...I am so glad to see an issue of a newsletter about older dogs since a lot of info out there is unreliable. I am totally buying a heated dog bed!

  • I sent the private Airedale party sign for my son to use on his college dorm door and sent a bull terrier sign to a member of a bull terrier club suggesting that they sell the signs as fund-raisers at their booth at the  upcoming Seattle AKC show.  I hope they'll get in touch with you because I think it's a great idea.
                 Sherry Rind, Bothell, WA

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