KnobNots work because......

  • "Beware of Dog" signs can make a pet sound vicious. Help avoid                 liability claims with light hearted messages that are easily spotted            and help keep pets safely behind doors

  • Non-English speakers and youngsters who can't yet read understand dog images & familiar red sign that means "Stop!"

  • Affordability means pets can be protected at every door

  • Laminated Cardstock will not scratch surfaces or leave behind gooey residue

  • Signs are portable and easily hung off door knobs, gates and dog crates - perfect for apartments  hotel rooms, and houses on the market

Transform any door into a safety billboard for people & pets

Why You Need a "Beware of Pet" sign
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KnobNots on a Gate
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Friendly Beware of Pet sign
Friendly Beware of Pet signFriendly Beware of Pet signFriendly Beware of Pet sign
Friendly Beware of Pet sign
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